How I Can Help Your Business
  • I can translate your ideas right into code, both frontend and backend. In addition, as an entrepreneur, I would also take the business requirements into account. Check out "The most interesting projects" section to see what I’ve done.
  • I can automate your business processes to eliminate the bottle-neck of your business. For example, I’ve applied machine learning for text-classification to automate the KYC process in an enterprise level company.
  • I can make the development process transparent for you and the whole team. This includes introducing continuous integration, setting up release cycles, software quality testing, etc. I have previous experience with all of the above from my time working as Head of the Security System Development Section in UniCredit Bank. See details in the "My Experience" section.
RateIt Product & Enginnering leadNeil S., Product & Engineering Lead, RateIt
Over the last year of working with Ilya he has proved to be an incredible asset for RateIt. An incredibly versatile developer, he's been equally comfortable whether tackling Entity/SQL performance issues, creating thoughtful and well designed RESTful APIs, or pushing the front-end further (introducing ES6 & React to our tech stack). Every task he's put his full effort in to with 110% commitment. He will make a valuable addition to any team!