The most interesting projects

Below is a list of the most interesting projects I took part in. Most of them were done from scratch by my co-founder and myself during work as an entrepreneur for RD17 LLC.

  • Ambar

    One of the most popular open-source full-text document search engines, Ambar has more than 1,3k stars on GitHub. You can find detailed Ambar design principles in my blog post "Ambar: Under The Hood".

    There were 3 interesting problems to solve in creating Ambar:

    1. How to extract a lot of text data from any file format
    2. How to search instantly through large text arrays
    3. How to deploy data to any linux machine in 15 minutes

    My roles in this project: development, marketing, sales, customer relations, software design, frontend & backend development

    Tech used: node.js, React, Redis, Rabbit, ElasticSearch, Python, Docker

  • RD17

    I founded a local software development company with a friend. In this project, we developed bespoke software for KYC processing automation. We successfully sold this project to several large enterprise customers in Russia, including a top-3 russian insurance company and the largest retailer in Russia. Details are under NDA.

    My roles in this project: software design, machine learning, frontend & backend development, devops, customer relations

    Tech used: node.js, React, python, sklearn, nltk

  • SLAO

    This is a cloud based service for monitoring and testing REST APIs, mainly used internally. You can find details in my blog post "New Way of testing REST API’s".

    My roles in this project: software design, frontend & backend development, devops, customer relations

    Tech used: node.js, React, docker, Redis, InfluxDB

  • TLSharp

    Telegram protocol implemented in C#. TLSharp has more than 600 stars on GitHub, and is widely used for integrating Telegram features to enterprise applications.

    The most unique aspect of this project is that Telegram doesn’t use plain http protocol; instead, it has its own binary network protocol called MTProto. It was a really interesting experience to implement low-level networking protocol with C#.

    My roles: software design & development