Hello, my name is Ilia

If you’re looking for a senior full stack software engineer who can solve a wide array of technical tasks then you’ve come to the right place! I’m a polyglot programmer, so I can take care of a whole stack of technologies that you have, including old ones. Currently, my preferable stack is Node.js with any NoSQL warehouse for a backend, React and webpack for a frontend, Python for ML related tasks and Docker for infrastructure.

In addition, I’m a tech entrepreneur, which means that I want to solve technical tasks that will help your business grow and generate more income.

For the past 2 years, I have been working as CTO and co-founder at RD17 LLC. As for now, it’s a stable and profitable business, but it lacks professional growth. That’s why I’m looking for new opportunities and new challenges as an engineer.

My Education

I graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2013 with a master’s degree in Computer Science.

At university, I explored the possibilities of applying parallel technologies to supercomputing. My graduate work was dedicated to practical problems regarding bioinformatics algorithms. I used parallel computing technologies (CUDA, OpenMP, MPI) to speed up the algorithm of multiple sequence alignment.

My Experience

  • EntrepreneurJan 2017 - present

    During my work as an entrepreneur I took part in the projects: RD17, SLAO & Ambar. Check the details in "The most interesting projects" section.

  • UniCredit Bank AOAug 2016 - Jan 2017
    Head of the Security System Development Section

    In this role, I developed anti-fraud solutions for the largest foreign bank in Russia. My team consisted of four developers. During this time, I created a fraud accounting and reporting system. This system introduced a single place to store all local fraud cases and their patterns. With the help of this system, several new security holes were identified and saved over $300k of company money.

    Tech used: C#, ASP.Net MVC, ElasticSearch, node.js, Python, React

  • RateIt Australia Pty LtdMay 2015 - Jul 2016
    Lead Data Developer

    I worked for an Australian start-up developing b2c platform for a customer service analysis. In this role, RateIt devices collected customers feedback in the Pandora, Adidas, KFC, etc stores and provided NPS to business owners.

    For this job I tackled the following problems:

    1. Because Business owners do not use RateIt web interface very often, I came up with the idea of daily and weekly reports with the customer happiness trend. It quickly became the core feature of the application and increased engagement to 80%
    2. Sometimes RateIt devices stop sending the data, which leads to gaps in reports. I implemented a heartbeat API on the devices and found that employees just turn off devices to charge their own smartphones
    3. To make development transparent and clearer for everyone in the company, I created an infrastructure to automate deployment of the project

    Tech used: C#, MsSQL, node.js, python

  • Mindbox LLCDec 2013 - May 2015
    Full Stack Developer

    At this time, I worked for a Russian company developing a sort of MailChimp, which was the leader of marketing automation in Russia.

    The problems I solved:

    • To send more personal emails even if we lack the sex data, e.g. one for males another for females, I developed an algorithm that recognizes sex by last and middle name
    • To prevent DDos attacks on Mindbox servers, I added a filter for IP address and security key
    • To collect more data about user behaviour (what goods were viewed, what links were clicked), I created a JS tracker for tracking each and every user action on a web page

    Tech used: C#, MsSQL, JS, React

  • Systemorph AGOct 2012 - Dec 2013
    C# Developer

    This was a Swiss start-up providing b2b platforms to structure company document flow. It was my first real job, so my duties were limited. I worked mostly on unit tests and infrastructure for these tests. One notable accomplishment from this job, is that together with CEO, I explored possibilities of versioned data visualization and convenient navigation through different versions of the data. I wrote a grant application paper on this theme.

    Tech used: C#, MsSQL, JS

  • Intel CorporationJul - Aug 2012
    Summer School Intern

    This is worth mentioning, as because it was my first job place it left a lasting professional impression. During this time, I successfully developed an HTML report for the Intel Inspector XE.

    Tech used: C++, JS